Mercy College Brand Guide


Primary Logo

The official Mercy College of Ohio logo consists of the one-color arched "M" mark with an accompanying logotype. The primary logo has two versions, horizontal or vertical, that can be utilized appropriately, depending on the application.

A reverse version of the logo is available for use in certain applications. It should only be used with Mercy College-approved color backgrounds, or sparingly over photos. If placed over a photo, the photo must not be too light or busy. Contrast and legibility is imperative. 

Tagline Lockup

The Mercy College tagline Education for Life should be used with as much care as any other brand element. There are many available versions – including various logos and color options. Use the guidelines and files below as needed.

Clear Space

It is recommended to have ample spacing around the Mercy Logo. This reduces complicated visual alignment and instability. The width of the “M” within the Mercy College logotype was selected as a constant measurement. It makes up 1/7 of the width of the Vertical logo, and 1/9 of the width of the horizontal logo. When applied to the outside of the mark, it leaves room to reduce negative interaction with other elements and typography. The minimum space around the logo is to be 1/4”, even when the “M” width doesn’t meet that size.


The following are examples of logo treatment violations. Do not use or reproduce any of the treatments below or any variation of them.