Mercy College of Ohio

Mercy College Brand Guide

A Growing Brand

Mercy College is an established brand with years of equity. Having a well-designed brand as a base is important, but a brand is always evolving. As the college grows, having the proper tools and guidelines in place allows you to hold on to the integrity of the brand, while meeting new challenges that will inevitably arise. 

Branding consistency is imperative.

  • It fosters confidence in your establishment. Consistent branding not only commands authority, it builds trust and familiarity between you and your audience. People flock to what they recognize the most because they're reassured by that establishment's legitimacy in their field.

  • It develops and solidifies your message. In the same vein, consistent branding conveys your goods or services, your core values, and it communicates a message that strongly impacts the way your audience perceives you.

  • It promotes loyalty. New and returning audiences are heavily influenced by the stability associated with a solid reputation that's been perpetuated by consistent branding. People know exactly who you are and they stand behind you. They recommend your services to others and they'll return to your company because its presence is thoroughly established and dependable.